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Originally Posted by yohan1212 View Post
Well, i personally believe race doesnt have anything to do with it. I remember Anson Carter being embraced in boston and had a great following. Fans loved him, he was a great player here. I also see others (white mind you), who have been criticized and many teams called them "disgraces to the game"- see claude Lemieux, ulf samuelson etc. I dont think Subban's "pest lke approach" is what players/teams don't like about him. Again, Marchand is a superpest and is getting love. I think it is his pure arrogance added to the fact he is/was a rookie. Marchand is also a pest, but doesnt act like his poo doesn't stink..
I also remember a Banana peel being thrown on the ice when a certain goalie played here.

People can cite Iginla and Anson Carter all they want. Just because those guys racism against those guys was never publicly exposed doesn't mean racism all of the sudden doesn't exist. It isn't the 0.0001% of the population like some naive people try to convince themselves.

Originally Posted by HockeyF3ind View Post
Exactly. Racism never left north american society, it just became publicly unacceptable. Unfortunately this means that for the dominant racial group (white people) who are not perpetrators themselves are largely unaware at all the subtle racist ******** racial minorities go through as a part of everyday life.
It also become such a ****ing faux pas (politically incorrect) to even discuss issues of race that we all put a blanket over it now and pretend it doesn't exist. Meanwhile it's this type of behavior that simply perpetuates this type of hate in the first place and allows it to continue existing in our society till this day.

Pretending something isn't there doesn't make it go away, and anyone who thinks it does imo has an underlying race problem of their own if they think it does.

It drives me nuts that people are so PC or uptight about discussing race that they themselves are racist in the process of being so PC/uptight. You think black people don't know they're black, and that it makes them feel better when you say "African American"? Only politicians and PC uptight individuals actually spread that kind of crap or believe it/eat it up. Truth is any black person I've ever known preferred to just be called black and a lot of my friends growing up felt that being called "African American" was actually condescending. But we've become so uptight as a society now a days that racism can't even be discussed because "it doesn't exist" and if you act all PC you're not a racist but in reality acting is acting, that's all it is and it doesn't make you anything.

Then you have people deleting posts because you say in a main board thread that part of the hate against Subban is racially fueled. You'd have to be a very naive person to think otherwise.

Racism didn't pack up and move away, it's only people (usually whiteys, you know who you are ) who don't experience it in their daily life who actually naively think that.

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