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Originally Posted by AraGOHABSGO View Post
And how can you go say that Subban will be a franchise D, because we can't replace him and that just makes me laugh.

I mean, I can name you 50 guys in the ligue that can do the same job as PK does.

But you can't name 20 goalies that can do teh same thing Price done.
Yeah, you can talk bout his win% and all...

but lets look at this:

Montreal were the team that scored the LEAST goals to make it into the playofs.
They were ranked 24th overall.

Sersiously, we can replace Price with anyone and expect to win?

The goalies we named earlier, here is their support:
Luongo -> 1st overall for GF
Kipper -> 5th overall for GF ( missed playoffs )
Thomas -> 8th overall for GF
Halak -> 10th overall for GF ( missed playoffs )
Price -> 24th overall for GF ( made playoffs )

Just think if Price had just a little more offensif support, he would have most probably reached 40 wins...

And one thing, Price is 23... No goalie in the nHL is dominant as Price at such a young age.

And if you look on the D side:
Subban was 30 for points. O the 29 before him, 12 guys that his around his age.

So, not alot but certanliy ALOT more than goalies.

Just want to add up, I am a big fan of our PK... dont think I dont like him lol....

That guys always but always makes me proud!!
I never said we could replace Price with anybody I just said due to our system goalies work out better here than elsewhere, we're a defensive team. Price is a great goalie I don't want to take away from that in the slightest I'm just saying look what a tier 2 or 3 goalie like Niemi, Roloson, insert whoever, have managed to pull off. If you put a good defense and system in front of a tier 2 goalie they play like a tier 1. If you do so in front of a tier 1 then that goalie becomes a god (see Thomas)

While Boston's D on paper wasn't the best they all played very well.

It isn't that I said we couldn't replace Subban either but rather given the habs situation and system, if you would replace Subban with a tier lower D-man we'd be in a lot more trouble than if we switched Price with a goalie one tier below. That's all I'm saying. Just look at how well Auld even played. The difference to our actual team would be a lot more vast given that situation.

I see both as franchise players but if I had to pick one it's definitely Subban. I see him as a D who can play in all roles as a #1 who steps up big and has a ton of drive. He played 30 minutes a game in the post season in his first NHL season. He only played 1 season in the AHL and after half a season just like in the AHL and OHL he developed his defensive game ultra fast and became a solid two-way player.

Price is incredible, all I'm saying is if I had to choose one of the two it would be Subban. I think down the line both will have storied careers. Also if you're bringing points into a Subban debate especially after his first season I don't really know what to say. So much of Subban isn't on the stats sheet. I mean really in a thread like this you could roll the dice and make your pick and be right either way. Both are solid players, regarding our choice though we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
In the last decade, Habs have had 4 goalies finishing among the best in the league and getting highly noticed (Price-Halak-Huet-Theodore). 4 in ten years, that's very rare.

What happens to talented goalies in Montreal is out of the ordinary, they always end-up shinning, and people put way too much emphasis on THAT individual's performances, when it is obvious that the system itself has always been molded for that purpose.

The fact remains, that with the Habs in the last 10 years, is that we've had a bigger win% differential in having or not a #1 D, compared to the #1 goalie win differential. Meaning that no matter which goalie was in, the win differential fluctuations are about the same, but with or without Markov, the team has seen huge jumps in record, they lost when he was out and won when he was in, the only different year, has been this year, and lo and behold, a future #1 D is there on the squad to replace him and it's the first year we don't look so bad without him (Markov).

That's why Subban is so important.
This is my stance. I don't think Price would easily be replaced but I just find the impact of Subban/Markov is huge given how our team is designed. It's not in any way a flaw of Price.

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