Thread: Speculation: Markov and Weber that much closer.
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06-21-2011, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by LyleOdelein View Post
I agree that he seemed to fit in well and filled his role excellently with the team, but I think the difference between us is that I don't read too much into Wiz's end of season comments. The "great city" and "would love to stay" lines are said so often that they've lost meaning to me. Free agency would be a lot more boring every year if all the players held true to those kinds of comments.

I would love to see Wiz stay here (I agree with a lot of the arguments you've recently made in that respect). However, I don't see him signing with the Habs before his value is gauged on the open market. In saying this, I don't want to imply that he's greedy, or selfish, or doesn't care about the Habs. I just think that history shows it's the most prudent way a guy in his situation can attain his market value in a contract.

We see the situation differently and that's fine by me. I didn't want to get too catty about it (I probably did), but in the end I think that there's a fair amount of rationality behind my opinion even if there's no "smoking gun", per say. Quite frankly, I hope I end up being wrong in Wiz's case... but I wouldn't mind if my theory holds true and Pitkanen were to end up here somehow.
I'd prefer Ehrhoff

I have this image of Pitkanen in my head that has never went away, maybe he's changed, as his stats show, but he's been way too inconsistent in his career IMO. Ehrhoff fits our speed model like a glove, and he's as good if not better defensively as Hamrlik was, just not the same style.

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