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Originally Posted by Shoebottom View Post
They are the cup champs which means they are at that "level".
Here is your mistake: the Cup is awarded to the league's champion team, not the league's best team. A common misconception, especially given the romantic mystique surrounding the Cup, but a fallacy nonetheless.

Hockey is a game where the best team doesn't always win, and after all you only need a 57% win percentage to win a best-of-7 series. Also, a playoff series is by definition a small sample.

Originally Posted by Shoebottom View Post
And they did sweep your highly regarded Philly.
Well, I expect to stop being idiots with regards to their goaltending. Why they would use a proven below league-average goalie when they had a potentially better option on the bench befuddles me. I've thought that about them before, but if they do sign Bryzgalov that should take care of that.

Philly has more depth than the Bruins at F and at D. All they need is a decent enough goalie. And they had one, they just decided not to use him.

Originally Posted by Shoebottom View Post
Thomas put the Bruins behind the 8 ball early in each of the 1st 2 games while Price played lights out. Thats the only reason it wasn't a 4 or 5 game series.
The reason it wasn't a 4 or 5 game series is that Tim Thomas saved the Bruins while the Habs were outplaying them in games 3-4-5. Montreal was the better club on the ice for the five first games of the series (and then injuries caught up to them). It was nice to get breaks and score early in games one and two, but in terms of getting breaks, the Bruins had the most (including going 3-0 in overtime while Montreal generally controlled the play with the score tied).

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