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Originally Posted by gopreds9 View Post
right. They found a flaw in Mason's game, which was exposed last year (didn't see enough of him to know what it is, but it happens all the time). His job now is to find out what they exposed and fix it this off-season. Rinne did not have a glaring deficiancy, so he survived. Hopefully that trend continues. They goalies that survive are the enigmas that are balanced and don't have one weak spot (glove, blocker, 5 hole, side-to-side, bad angles, etc.)
High glove, but that was fixed remarkably quickly. In the end, it was actually ego, which caught everybody - himself included - by surprise.

See, Mason was kind of a funny case. He'd spent his entire life basically not being believed in, always being the underdog, and having to triumph above that. It led to something of a maturity beyond his years as he was quite capable of dealing with defeat and setbacks under those circumstances, because, y'know, nobody ever noticed. So he was always prepared to just Keep On Truckin' 'till he made it. When he finally was vindicated by winning the Calder and picking up the Vezina nomination - in a year in which he was smacked down by mononucleosis, for G-d's sake - for once there were no more "next steps", no "now there's this next thing to overcome" - he was pretty much at the top of anything save taking this team to the Cup Finals.

And as a result, we all suddenly discovered that he had absolutely no clue how to deal with recognized success at such a high level. There wasn't anything left to "overcome", and so it went straight to his head and screwed up his self-motivation.

He came to camp the next year out of shape. Seriously. And discovered that things weren't as rosy and eternal as it seemed. And that played absolute hell with the self-confidence he'd been relying on for years and years, and suddenly he's completely lost and not knowing what to do.

The kid needs help, badly. He's still awesome when he's supported, but he thought he'd already arrived and discovered it just ain't so. He's starting to get back to where he was, but is still shaky. Get him fully back on track and learning how to manage success and he truly will be what everyone said he would.

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