Thread: Speculation: Markov and Weber that much closer.
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06-21-2011, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
But that's not the probability if you consider what Wiz DID SAY. He said that he wants to stay here, but he feared PG's decision would hinge on Markov staying here or not. That's paraphrased directly from a quote of him in the JDM. Now, if PG wants him back, and Wiz said he wants back, the highest probability would be that he would sign here, because in those cases, it is the usual outcome. You might give examples of Komi (although Wiz didn't receive Komi's treatment in Montreal, which makes it a very different story regarding the player's state of mind vs the organization when he hit FA), examples of Souray (totally different personality).

Wiz seems to fall more in the Plex, Markov, Koivu category of players. A hard worker who really appreciated his time here. He seems genuine, and it pained me when he said that about Markov vs him, because I knew then that chances are that he would be gone, and the probability of this hinges on PG's decision.

So it's not an assumption, but quite probably the most probable scenario based on the actual facts (Wiz interview).
almost every player will say they want to stay with their actual team, inclkuding those who sign elsewhere...

and in MTL, they ALL wants to stay here...

so yeah...

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