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Originally Posted by Appreci8 View Post
I really don't get people's obsession with Michal Handzus. I honestly think he's even slower than Arnott, with less offensive capabilities. He is good on the dot, but defensively his speed limited him. If the team wanted a 2nd line pivot, they need to trade for one.

As a 3rd line center I'm a proponent of Marty Reasoner. Hard-worker, solid faceoff guy, solid pker/defensively, and will chip in offensively.

I'm not really enamored with him, I just think they will try to sign him. GMGM has to know the team needs another center, and Arnott is going to be 37. Ideally it would be a guy who can hold down the 2C for a year or so until MoJo is ready, unless management thinks MoJo is better suited as a 3C (and most reports I've looked at indicate that think he is the LT solution at 2C). Also, I think they brought in Sjorgren to be a depth winger on the 4th and maybe 3rd line if he does very well, rather than to hold down one of the C positions. If they're going to force MoJo into the 2C spot this year and look to sign a 3C, then there are a lot more options.

But I think the best course of action is to get a 2C for the next year or two. This is easier said than done, and Handzus and MoJo could split time on the 2nd and 3rd line. They're really aren't any 1b or true 2C's out there (except for that Richards guy, still more of a 1a and some team is going to pay him as such, and maybe Connolly, who is always injured). The only way we could possibly justify giving the money Richards will command (and I'm still not saying giving him a huge contract would be a good idea) is probably trading Semin. That's a whole different debate, but if it does happen: who is he going to pass to? Richards is an awesome player, but he's primarily a playmaker. We ideally want a playmaking center who can set up Semin, not replace him. If, however, this did go down, I would suggest Ryder as a 2W replacement. He may not replace Semin's numbers, but he could do some damage with Richards as his center. Anyways, this isn't happening. Unless Richards signs at a discount with Tampa, I think he'll get a mindboggling contract given the weak FA class and the high cap. Sorry for the rambling tangent.

That leaves a trade. Given past history, I would say it's much more likely that GMGM looks for a 2C in a trade around the deadline than over the summer if someone like Handzus or Connolly is not signed.

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