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06-21-2011, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
When you say that Colton is important and question my hockey knowledge, I am satisfied as to the result of the exchange of opinions.

When you are called on your faulty logic, you retreat and yell pansies at those who disagree with you. It's comical and old.
In 2006, Todd Fedoruk made Jagr's life miserable, the Rangers had no answer, they claim Colton Orr shortly after 2007 season it was time to exact revenge...Orr knocks the **** out of Fedoruk, we sent a message that day that we would not be run over, all of his teammates played with more courage after that.

Do I like goons? Yes, however, I would like one who can also play....if u want to say I am a flip flopper or I don't know hockey, that is fine, you are entitled to your opinion.

You know that saying, Opinions are like *******s, everyone has one.

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