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06-21-2011, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch on January 30, 2010 View Post
Dean Lombardi

Trades: B (Greene and Stoll was good, getting Smyth essentially on waivers via Quincey was excellent)
Free Agents/Other Deals: D (Ugh. Preissing, McCauley, Thornton, the extension for Cloutier, the Cammalleri and Blake departure fiascos)
Drafts/Farm System: B (Doughty was basically dropped in his lap, but Simmonds was a genuinely good pick, and the farm system has received the appropriate shot in the arm from the team losing in mass quantities and from trading established players for draft picks)
Press/Interviews: D (A seemingly engaging man, his self-congratulation and irresponsibility with his comments have become almost unbearable)
Results: F (None yet. This could change after the end of the season)

... So, a year and a half later - has anything changed?

Trades: B (grade went down with the Purcell deal but back up with the Penner deal)
Free Agents/Other Deals: D+ (Mitchell improves his grade, Ponikarovsky doesn't, losing Frolov doesn't either)
Drafts/Farm System: B- (nobody from the farm system made any real impact in 10-11, except for Bernier - and Bernier's impact was a year later than it should have been and on the minimal side to boot)
Cap Management: B (Dean's conservative approach has always helped him in this category)
Press/Interviews: D- (yeah, stay classy Dean)
Results: D (team declined from last season to this, but they DID make the playoffs again, so I suppose that's something)

Overall, he's still about a C-.

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