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06-21-2011, 06:50 PM
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Just looking back on this as I put the finishing touches on this year's Top Ten draft preview. This was actually the group I saw the most of while I was in Vierumaki.

It's interesting that Hovinen has re-emerged as a prospect (until the signing of Bryzgalov) while the rest of the goalies are still anything but sure things. And Helenius was the last first round pick prior to Granlund last year.

What was it about Heikkinen's game that caused him to miss by so much? When I saw him playing A juniors as a 16-year old he did not look out of place and seemed to play with a lot of poise. From what I see he's still playing in Mestis.

Of the forwards there was a big split between Nyholm and Kemppainen (actually I was probably in the minority with regards to the latter). It's interesting to see that Puustinen is getting another shot in North America.

Very interesting in looking back. Will take a look to see other 1988's who have emerged since then.

Originally Posted by korben View Post
You did well Nothing personal. And I have not seen all these boys play, so some comments are just stats wise. Pretty sure I went way off in some cases. These smilies on a second thinking...

1988, not such as good than 87's, but still pretty good

Niko Hovinen (Jokerit)
Riku Helenius (Ilves)
Atte Engren (Lukko)
Mikko Tolvanen (HPK) ...

Eetu Heikkinen (Ässät)
Joonas Lehtivuori (Ilves)

Robert Nyholm (HIFK)
Joonas Kemppainen (Ässät) ...
Jan-Mikael Juutilainen (Jokerit)
Max Wärn (HIFK)
Juuso Puustinen (KalPa)
Juhani Jasu (Lukko)
Jani Savolainen (KalPa)
Juuso Antonen (Ilves)
Jan-Mikael Järvinen (Ilves)

1989 the weakest since the 85's
Harri Säteri (Tappara)
Tomi Karhunen (Kärpät)

Jesse Jyrkkiö (Ässät)
Joni Liljeblad (Kärpät)

Niclas Lucenius (Tappara)
Sami Lähteenmäki (HPK)
Antti Roppo (Ilves)


Lehterä and his poor skating skills not thrilled ....
We all fell for that.

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