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06-21-2011, 08:16 PM
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I hope they bring Wiz back next year. For a start, it gives us a kick-ass top 4 D (assuming Gorges is back, should only be a matter of time) with 3 guys either in or approaching their prime and another who may well be able to find his place as one of the best D in the league again. It also gives us the option of having a high quality puck mover on every pairing if we need it or if we want to frighten the other team silly. Doing so would also spread the workload a bit which with all the injuries this year, seemed like a problem at times. Down the stretch, being able to take some of the load off someone while maintaining the quality of our blueline could be huge. It also gives us excellent cover should Markov/Gorges have any health issues or if Mike Richards threats materialise

Plus, it really gives us some nice depth and potentially a position of strength from which to make deals further down the road. Everyone remembers the trade that brought Gorges here and gave us the chance to draft Patches. We got both for just Rivet (don't think we sent them a pick but I might be wrong). One reason we got so much out of that trade was because (as Murray said so himself) there was a premium on right handed Dmen. There were apparently 303 Dmen in the NHL last year, only 104 of them were right handed. I can't say for certain that such a premium still exists but I wouldn't be surprised if the same is still true, especially at key times of the year. If it is and especially if Weber continues to develop, it would truly be a luxury to have 3 offensively skilled right handed Dmen. If for any reason we needed to trade one of them, I'm sure we could get a bit of a bidding war going to up the value of the return. And it wouldn't hurt (IMO) to have some internal competition for places and ice time/roles.

I hope we can bring him back whatever happens, but if we are able to find a new home for Spacek, I'd be all over having Wiz return. If that were to happen, we'd have Marky, Wiz, Gorges, Subban, Gill, Weber (sounds like he is on the verge of signing), (Y)Emelin which gives us 7 bodies. If we need another physical player on the back end though, I think it'd be worth us making an offer to Mara, see if he'd take a reduced role with the team. Doesn't look like he'll make much (last contract apparently $750,000), he doesn't take **** from people, he is experienced and he can grow a great beard. If we get rid of Spacek and if he will take on a reduced role for us, I'd offer him a similar contract to the one he has now, maybe throw on an extra year and a little more cash to give him some security as thanks for taking on a role that could easily be overlooked. It probably wouldn't set us back that much against the cap, we'd have a physical presence we could turn to when needed on the blueline and with two key Dmen coming back from injury and another potentially stepping in with no experience of the league, it gives us some good cover and if we have problems on the back end, we don't have to rush around giving out assets for whatever scraps are available.

Obviously, if we are keeping Spatch, that alters things significantly. But if we were to try and maximize our blueline, that's what I'd look to do.

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