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10-18-2003, 05:49 AM
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Simon Gagne Trade Ideas

I don't want to trade Gagne for three bad games. I don't even want to trade him for playing lousy last year. I want to trade him because he is too injury prone, and too soft to be a Flyer. He'd be much better suited to play out west where the game is much more open. I fear that this injuries and the tentativeness will continue, and we'll end up trading him for very little in the future.

We might have missed our best chance of trading him this offseason. I am sure we could have gotten Drury for him, and Gagne, Seidenberg, and the 11th overall might have gotten us the number one pick and Fleury.

So anyway, I have a criteria for trading him. First, he goes out west. Two we need to get youth back. Three, we are most looking at getting back something at LW, and we need to be realistic.

Gaborik, forget it. Minny ain't trading him, and it would take more than Gagne alone.

Comrie, same problem as Gagne. He is too soft to play in the east. He also plays center, and I think Gagne is better anyway.

So, here are some IDEAS. I am not saying I would do these, just some ideas that I'd definitly consider.

1. Phoenix Coyotes

I am sure Gretzky would love to have him, and Phoenix and Philly always trade.

Phoenix gets Simon Gagne
Philly gets Shane Doan

Doan only had 20 and 21 goals the last two years. The previous two though he had 26 and 26. Doan plays a fearless power game with lots of hitting and some fighting. He is also very good on the PP, with 23 PP points in 00-01, and 20 last year. The only problem is Doan is 27, which I'd like to get someone no older than 25-26, and hopefully even younger. Doan is also more of a RW, but he can play all three forward positions.

I like Doan alot. I'd consider doing this even up, if Phoenix threw in a decent prospect or second rounder I'd definitly do it.

Phoenix gets Simon Gagne
Philly gets Ladislav Nagy

Nagy is 24 years older and seems to be improving still. His goal production went from 24 down to 23 last year, but his points went up from 42 to 57. Nagy is primed to be a 25+ goal, 55-60 point guy for many years. He is not a tough forward, but he isn't soft, and he isn't a total softee like Gagne.

Even up, I don't know if I'd do it. I like Doan better. If Phoenix threw in something else, I'd do it. I'd rather get Doan though, despite him being 3 years older than Nagy, and not a natural LW.

2. San Jose Sharks

San Jose seems to be in a transition period, and would possibly willing to shake things up.

San Jose gets Simon Gagne
Philly gets Marco Sturm, Jonathon Cheechoo

Sturm is 25 and is coming off a 28 goal season. The previous year he did only 20...however. Sturm was once nominated for the selke, and is that good of a defensive forward. This guy would fit right in with Hitch's system and be his Lehtinen in Philly. He can also play LW and C. Cheechoo is 23 and was drafted 29th in 1998. If nothing else has proven to be a 10-15 goal, tough, defensively responsible guy. He defintily has the talent to become a 15-20 goal guy who brings grit and character, and replace Brash on the third line in the near future.

I'd make this trade. Sturm would fit great in with Hitch, score 25 goals, and get selke consideration. CheeChoo would just be a bonus, and could be a great third liner for us in a year or two.

3. Nashville Predators

The Preds have a lot of decent young players, and I am sure they'd like to have a guy like Gagne.

Nashville gets Simon Gagne
Philly gets Scott Hartnell, Jordin Tootoo

Hartnell has yet to realize his potential as the 6th overall pick in 2000. However, he is only 21, and has been a 15 goal, 40 point, 100+ pim guy. Hartnell plays the game hard, gritty, and is a hell a pest. There is defintily some offensive potential. I think Hartnell could be one of those guys like Keith Jones, or a young Dallas Drake. They might be more second, or even third line talent, but they fit very nicely on a teams top scoring line. They can do all hard work, pest guys, and with highly skilled linemates, score some goals as well. Tootoo is basically Hartnell, although unproven in the NHL.

This could be a risky trade. You could end up with two third liners, or even a third liner and a fourth line in Tootoo. At the same time, you get two younger forwards than Gagne, both with a lot of talent, and a lot more grit. I like Hartnell alot and think he will be a 20 goal 50 point guy who plays with a big edge. I'd seriously consider doing this trade.

4. Chicago Blackhawks

They suck, they'd be willing to deal if they got something they liked.

Chicago gets Simon Gagne
Philly gets Kyle Calder, Mark Bell

Calder and Bell are both 23. Bell was drafted 8th overall in 1998. At this point Bell is only a 15 goal, 30 point, 100+ pim guy. He does have potential to get better though, and if nothing else would be an upgrade over Brashear on the third line for sure. Calder has been right around 20 goals and 45-50 points for his first two season. He also plays gritty, and I think on a good team like ours could be better. I think his style would compliment JR and Amonte, and he'd score 20+ with them.

The Flyers lack skill, and they'd lose it in this deal. They'd gain alot of grit and toughness. Tough call here, I'd have to really think about this one.

5. La Kings

Who knows??

LA gets Simon Gagne
Philly gets Alexander Frolov

Just trust me, Frolov is going to be a better player than Simon Gagne sooner or later, and maybe very sooner.

This deal might be a bit risky, and not as good (especially right away) as the others, but I'd do this one straight up just because I really think Frolov is going to be a great hockey player in the near future.

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