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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
How so ? This is 2 years less than his last contract. He's been injured for a while and no one would be willing to take a risk on him.

If true, this is an ok deal, since he isn't getting a raise.
Funny I was thinking last week that 2 years at 6 Mil per year would be the deal.

My reasoning was:

What Marky wanted:

He's probably saved about 5 Mil so far, and he probably has a nice house paid for, plus a cottage maybe.

I figured he wants to earn at least 11-12 Mil more in his career, so that he can save another 5 mil minimum.

Career ends, he's got 10 mil in the bank, a nice house paid for. 10 mil will give him say 300 K a year for the rest of his life. That's enough to pay for the kid's school and maintain a pretty good lifestyle.

What Habs wanted:

To keep Marky, but without too much risk. Cap was an issue not money. I think they were willing to spend the actual 12 Mil, but were not willing to go beyond 2 years due to Marky's history.

So everybody wins.

If I was PG, I would have started the talks off with 'What's the min you want for the rest of your career? Knowing that number, then you talk number of years.

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