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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
Akeson is a marginal prospect. He's an undrafted overager. Because player evaluations isn't an exact science, could he be a diamond in the rough? Sure, anything is possible. And your comparing his situation to Giroux's? Seriously? Giroux was a first round pick who just needed a little time in the AHL to get his feet under him in the pro game, and since then it's been an ascension to the top of the ranks. That comparison is ridiculous.
I wasn't comparing them in terms of draft position or even their career potential. I was comparing them in terms of being smallish, talented guys that put up big numbers in Jrs., came into camp with an outside chance of making the team, probably not making it at first, being sent to the AHL for seasoning and then eventually earning some NHL time and a spot on a roster. In those ways, their situations are/were/could be similar. Do i think Akeson is the next Claude Giroux? I wouldn't bet on it, but he's in that same type of mold. An undersized, talented kid who people overlooked at times, but whose determination and skill repeatedly shone through. Will it translate to the pros? I think Akeson is a good prospect that has the potential to be a top six forward in the NHL someday. Drafted or not, the Flyers were willing to sign Akeson to a contract paying him over 2 million dollars, so, they likely see that potential as well.

And you never addressed my question that I asked (in so many words) twice now.

I'll repeat again:

Ok let's assume that in this year's performance, being an overager was a factor for Akeson. What about his prior few seasons, when he wasn't an overager? He still produced at a pretty high level (>ppg) and continued to progress every year. Doesn't that imply that he didn't just excel because of his overage status, that there's more to it than that?

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