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06-21-2011, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
The other problem with your argument is also that you could have 100 more professionnals with credentials who might have totally another type of response. Tinordi's progression could still go some different ways. While I TOTALLY believe this kid will be an NHL'er (no doubt on my mind), I'm still not sure how dominant he'll be. There's still some possibilities that we're talking about a better skater Hal Gill here. Not that it will be disastrous, but clearly not what Craig's list is implying. What's disastrous for me if that indeed happens, is that we paid too much of a price to have that kind of d-man in our system. You would have a Merrill and something else if we would not have moved. But Tinordi in himself is not a bad pick...moving up and paying the price, that needs to be determined.
I don't believe that first part of your posts counters anything I've said. I would agree with you and I wouldn't call any of those scouts ass clowns if they believed Tinordi was the worst player of that draft, that would be his educated opinion. Outside of the highest draft positions or the strongest drafts (think 2003), I don't see how a draft can be compatible with player by player comparisons unless your team is dropping the ball year after year. We know this isn't the case with Timmins. 29 teams could do the same exercise with PK Subban.

The question isn't wether a better skating Hall Gill (which would be an outstanding pick considering what late first rounders usually become) is better than what a Merrill would be, but what kind of value that pick will bring us. I'm sure the decision to move up the draft was carefully weighted by the scouting staff. Maybe if a Subban was on Timmins' list that move isn't done, or another one acquiring another 2nd rounder would've been in the works. I'm not a fan of trading picks, not when you have a strong scouting staff, but a 25+min is one of the most valuable commidities in the league, if that's his upper limit. Anyways, good points as always WS.

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