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06-22-2011, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by WeezyHabFan View Post
Lol old time hockey....

You say "if" alot maybe you should just watch him once in awhile he fights more than Marchand and Id say some tougher people too. And going after the Canucks for no real reason is confusing just drop it, you guys won already listening to you "old time" bruins fans *****ing about the Canucks is getting old for everyone..
I was referring to the European soccer mentality of diving and exaggerating to get penalty calls. The Canucks are exceptionally lame at that to the point of being ignored by the refs for the entire Stanley Cup Final.

Subban seems to be one to exaggerate and flip flop on the ice from what I have seen. I've seen Subban fight before but I have also seen him skate away when challenged.

Basically though this diving stuff won't win a Cup, I made the compare between Vancouver and Montreal because you both have a devastating PP and seem to always be flipping and flooping to draw calls to get on the PP.

It won't win a Stanley Cup .... get some toughness. That works a lot more and combine it with hard work which your team does already. You guys were relentless on the forecheck and gave Chara fits and at times he was caught flatfooted, something Vancouver failed to do.

Marchand isn't a goon was also the point but backs up his mouth by staying in the fray and not skating away after starting stuff in the corner like the Lappierre's of the world.

"Old time hockey" ... that means play hard, hardnosed and in your face like they used to. That still wins Stanley Cups as evidenced by the bruins this year. No stars, horrible PP ... great PK and good hardnosed old timey hockey work ethic.

PK Subban seems to be too showboaty for not really being in the league long. I stated I would respect him more if he just played hockey and didn't dive so he can get a chance on the PP to shoot his awesome slapshot and then showboat about it afterwards.

I dislike Ovechkin's showboating too and other player that do that. There is a fine line between cocky and confident.

Tampa didn;t flop around all over the place trying to draw penalties. They made their own luck with hard work and earned a game 7 just like Boston did.

Certain Canucks were an embarassment to the NHL with the diving and embellishment and in the end it didn't help them at all. You can either look at the ref for a call or get up and make a defensive play to prevent a goal instead.

You guys have such a good team and a great goalie and just need some grit mixed in and hardnosed hockey like your team had in the late 70s. Those guys didn;t flop around and cry to the refs, they were proud and earned Stanley Cups with hard work and good old time hockey.

I think a veteran on Montreal needs to pull PK aside and explain how the game is played and how to play it the right way. Marchand was worse when he started out but Recchi set him straight and was constantly telling him to play with a leval head and he responded by being a great player in this league.

PK Subban is absolutely one of the best talents on D I have seen in years, no doubt about that but he needs to leave the circus on the sidelines and play hockey. it's hockey and not cockey.

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