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10-18-2003, 05:21 AM
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Where's the offense??

Totally agree with P.Bruinette. The offense was claerly not there last night. Outshot 44-16. Heroic effort by Tim Thomas standing on his head to keep us in the game.

Good first performancce by P.J. Stock. Played a ton of ice time flanked by Matt Herr and Ivan Huml. Probably would have been a much more productive line if it had not been for the lackasdasical performance by Huml. I don't know if he was down because of the demotion or what, but, clearly wasn't in the game. You could tell that P.J. was strugling a bit come the end of the 2nd period and the 3rd from all the ice time he was not used to getting. I'm sure he'll get up to speed soon. You can tell he's going to be a great addition to the team. Getting everyone pumped up throughout the game. Damn good hustle too.

Neelynugs: As for the specifics on Zino. His skating ability is second to none. First step is right on. Great lateral ability and very, very fast. Clearly has Samsonov type skating ability. With the puck, he's very good. Can manueuver in and out and through defenders through the neutral zone. Had a bit of trouble with the Worcester defenders in gaining the offensive zone. He tends to get a bit fancy in an attempt to gain the zone, insted of sending a pass off to a clear teamate. But, all Providence forwards failed to gain the offensive zone last night with the exception of a few attempts by Corazzini and Gellard. Decent on the forecheck, very good play in the corners. His physical play can best be descibed as "chippy" at times but it's mostly a "Let me embarass you by my stickhandling" as opposed to applying the body. Has a very, very good hockey sense, and nows where the puck is at all times. It will be good to see him against a team that doesn't focus so much on the trap style system (if there are any left). He's still getting used to the smaller ice surface. Everything's much more compressed. All in all, this kid will be a force.

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