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Originally Posted by ScopeHockey View Post
I believe the retard is more likely to be the one writing the post I've referenced, as opposed to a Princeton graduate who is articulate, well spoken and displays a ton of smarts on the ice.
The retard I was referring to was Kostitsyn, who can't be counted on to not be a complete liability on the ice for good portions of the year, which is why we have to rely on a role player like Halpern to play as a top-6 players for some games. This is IMHO what explains his offensive output being quite superior to the one of those 3 guys in Boston.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
For somebody that callsan NHL GM stupid your post doesn't make you look very bright.

I'm pretty sdure that once all is said and done Hejda and Brewer will cost about 3 or 4 times the investment that a guy like Hamrlik does. The part that you seem to be missing in all of this is that like Gill, if we re-sign Harmlik(hopefully conditional on Spacek getting moved) it will be a ONE YEAR deal meaning we don't have them on the cap the next 2 years when young guys like Price Subban Eller Pacioretty Yemelin etc will come up for big raises. If you give Brewer 4.25-4.5 mil per yer over 4-5 years(I figure that's about what he'll get as a UFA) that 4.25-4.5 mil is taking up space next year and the following one when guys like Yemelin and Weber will be cheaper options to step up into bigger roles.

How the hell do you know the efforts the team is making in negotiations? Do you have hidden cameras? Did you ever stop and think taht PG may have given Pacioretty's camp a bit more money to add a 2nd year, that way if he keeps progressing to 50-55 or more points in 2012-2013 that he'll be a big bargain at a 1.65 cap hit rather than having to pay him 3.5-4 mil per year?
1. Hejda and Brewer will ask for more terms partially because they're younger, better and fresher than a guy like Hamrlik or Gill. They also bring us some mobility on the back end, which we sorely lack.

2. We already have Gill and Spacek coming off the books next season, which gives us two roster openings for guys such as Weber. One of them will already make our top-6 this season anyway, which was a perfect situation to create a sane rivalry. Now, with Hamrlik, not only both won't have a top-6 spot, but we'll not add anything particular to our D-core. My point is, if you want to sign a good veteran d-man and you feel like you're missing one, you go towards the guy who'll bring the most to your group of players. Hell. Seguin wasn't even a regular in the playoffs for Boston this season. I doubt he's going to stop his progression because of that, and I doubt Boston isn't in a good situation. It just happens sometimes. That's what you call depth.

3. We signed a 38 years old Hal Gill to the same salary we did. We're rumoured to hae signed a Markov who played half a season in the last two years for the same salary, on a 2 years deal. And we gave Auld a contract 1 hour past the opening of the UFA market last season, for a generous 1M bucks. It just doesn't look like Gauthier is putting much emphasis in signing players to creative contracts. Really, do you consider any of the deals he signed this summer so far as being huge bargains? It's really not. Especially for Gill.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
You're really on a role this morning...

The quality of your posts are somewhere between the toilet and the septic tank.

The fact that Halpern could step into the top 6 and his line was productive showes his value and versatility. When you get a guy like that for 600k, it's a pretty ridiculous return on investment. If you can't see taht he was a more productive NHLer than Campbell Paille and Thornton then you're the "retard".
Yeah, I'm on a "role", and I'm the retard. Great.

Halpern doesn't bring that element which was lacking last playoffs against Boston. He's aging, likely to decrease in what he brings as a hockey player, and not worth re-signing.

The fact he broke our top-6 from time to time has nothing to do with his value. It has everything to do with the lack of depth of this organization up front. It was pathetic. We lacked of depth. No contender uses Halpern on a top-6. NO CONTENDER DOES. Watch Vancouver, Boston, Detroit, San Jose, even Philly. None of those teams use guys like these on their top-6. Dare I say, no playoffs team should have to do this. It was pathetic. And it has nothing to do with the quality of his work. It has everything to do with our incredible weak forwards core. If you can't see it, you're fooling yourself.

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