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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
i think that sometimes many here mistake varly's acrabatics with ability and neuvirth's sound positional play with lack of it. by their nature neuvirth often makes hard saves look easy and varly make highlight reel saves when they should not hav been necessary.

i think the degree of difference between them is not nearly so dramatic as their style.
i think its just as likely that neuvirth becomes better as varly learns to stay healthy.
I couldn't agree more.

Varlamov has to make so many acrobatic saves because his positional play is sub par IMO. It is nice that he has the ability to do that but those kinds of plays also put way too much stress on his body and thus he can't stand up physically to that kind of pounding.

I think he will improve on his positioning not only to be a better goaltender but also to be a healthier goaltender. Will he ever become a better positional goaltender than Neuvirth? I doubt it.

Neuvirth is already a very good positional goaltender and thus isn't forced to be so acrobatic. He has made plenty of very acrobatic saves when needed in his time with the Caps though.

I also feel Neuvirth's positional play and reading of the game will continue to improve. But he is never going to have the acrobatic ability that Varlamov possesses.

Both those guys are going to become better NHL goaltenders over their careers than they are now. IMO it will likely be 8 - 10 years before they reach their peaks unless injury ruins things for one or both.

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