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Originally Posted by CHGoalie72 View Post
He rules, my absolute favorite fighter, I wish he'd come back to FL.

Hey, is he any good? I'm probably the only one on the entire forum under the impression that he might just be able to handle that lil black piece of rubber.
Yeah Mac absolutely rules. When other heavyweights are afraid of fighting've done an unbelievable job.

Hes my favorite enforcer too followed by Engeland and Thornton.

If he'd look visibly pissed I wouldn't ask simply because I would feel inappropriate. I don't think that many of them get pissed because they lost a hockey fight though, so I guess 99% of the times I'd ask for it.
Thats my take on it too, if hes visible real pissed I wouldn't ask just for the fact of not further ticking him off.

If the guy isn't in the mood to give autographs they probably won't make themself available for it. If they're in an area fans can talk to them and they don't want to do it they'll just tell you no.

Some guy isn't going to punch you for asking for an autograph, he would go to jail for assault. Even if you're a really annoying fan and keep asking after they decline it you still wouldn't get punched.
Agreed I don't think they'd punch you but if you annoy them more and more they'll become more pissed a knowledgeable fan should know when to stop asking for it.

Enforcers are often crowd favorites so I give them huge credit for showing up after losing a fight and the game.

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