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08-29-2005, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by puckhead103
wirtz is a business ******.....blackhawk games on WGN will be so cool....just like watchin the Cubs, Bulls, and Sox.....

i got one question to hawk fans....why nobody has stepped up to buy the hawks from wirtz....(get new ownership)?
Because Wirtz has made purchasing the Hawks (or the NHL) look so unappealing that noone in their right mind would buy the team. Wirtz owns everything ... parking, concessions, beer, tickets etc etc etc ... he has companies set up that sell the food and booze to the Hawks and makes money off that.

You can bet if he sold the team he would want to retain ownership of the concessions and parking ... that makes Big money $$$. Wirtz made his $$$ in the booze business originally and still makes big money in Distributorships.

Wirtz is a dinosaur that lives in the 50's. The Hawk faithfull can only hope that Peter Wirtz (the son) will take over the team eventually and market the club (including TV) properly.

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