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06-22-2011, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post

Source? The fact that we have the highest beer and merch prices in the league and people are still buying it up.

The fact that every seat is sold every night does mean something fyi.

Making the playoffs most years and at least usually making it to the 2nd round or close.

I mean it doesn't take a "source" to use common sense, come on now.
Last I heard, Habs gave the 2nd most in revenue sharing for regular season revenues. Revenue sharing is based on total revenues, so that means the Habs had 2nd most too.

Teams don't tend to make huge profits, because those are counted -per team only- and that's after they gave away part of their profit to the NHL (ownership), and another part to the revenue sharing system. He talks of ROI, yet only includes profit, but from what I know, loan payments are included in the expense part of the ledger of teams, as an -arena rent and franchise allocation- expenses. The ROI is probably closer to 1/10 in reality, if not more.

Habs annual revenue, if my memory is any good, is around 120-150 mil in the last few years. Salaries only account for a 1/3 of that.

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