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06-22-2011, 10:03 AM
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Holtby is aggressive, but not in the finesse way of Gumby. More in how a young kid is aggressive. But Holtby's game has changed a lot in what little I have seen, and he remains a work in progress. But his aggressiveness isnt limited to challenging shooters. And he doesnt recover nearly as well as Varly so he needs to reconsider that more than varly does.

Varly could have torn up his groin one time, one rut, and it never be the same since, reinjuring it pushing off. We can only speculate. If his aggressive style cause his injuries, it probably should have when George was eyeballing him at the draft table. Injury prone... pass. Did he only get injury prone being presumably schooled to be more techincally sound, using less movement? See where I am going? Did Irbe have him more efficient, and then thats when he got injured? it doesn't make sense.

Neuvy is technically sound enough to hold down the fort until Holtby and Varly sort through their issues, and make George's final choices easy. In the end, I hope to see Varly and Holtby.

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