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06-22-2011, 10:37 AM
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Injuries can be quite bizarre. Is it in the DNA, not stretching enough before the game? Being aggressive on pushoffs? Reinjury what was from an injury at age 16 no one here knows about? Pat Peake, one and done. My new personal fav, Bruce misusing, overusing or underusing G's.

Thanks Millhaus, I didnt know his injury history.

All of the players are athletes that use athleticism to create jobs for themselves. Well. everyone but you (points at King). I dont doubt people have said him being athletic causes... athletes injuries. Rocket science! Sure its when compared to other more efficient goalies, but still. Holtby didnt tear his groin flying around, did he? You dont want Ovi skating his hardest because he may get injured? All players must play within the boundries of their bodies. Ask George McPhee. I dont think he did. Ha.

A guy at 22, maybe hasnt had enough time to figure it out. Time will answer all our questions.

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