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06-22-2011, 11:05 AM
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i am not so sure its easy to differentiate between the two... Maybe he just needs a new stretching routine. So he can learn his way out of being brittle by preparing better.

Varly is getting injured, being a goalie. If he is oft injured, I dont think it can denied that he is brittle, can it? Has anyone seen him try an insane save that injured him? It always seems like routine plays is when a G gets injured. Well, besides Malarchuk.

A brittle goalie has to be good technically to minimize chances for potential injury. But no matter how much they school him to be more technical, when he needs to throw that leg out or be athletic, he is going to do it. All of them have to do it. Its their job.

Its not like he is George McPhee out there, a small college player trying to find a job being an NHL heavyweight.

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