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Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
and yet if you look at the cska as an organization it's a face-palm at best...Grigorenko if he goes to NA is a potential top-3 pick in the NHL - if I were him - I am GONE! Unless the rumblings about "fixed" age are true. Gusev didn't get drafted and too small for the NHL, Kucherov is smallish as well and most likely can be retained in the KHL - whether the latter two will be playing in CSKA - not so sure. But even the red army team had Kravchuk, Guryanov and a couple of "blatnie" goalies in the past few years and the adult team is just signed Butsaev's younger brother who didn't do much even in the VHL, then you add Korotkov, Sayustov and a ton of suspect signings from abroad in the past years, like Netik, Pilar and others.
You are correct in what you say. I guess my thinking was that the guys that I mentioned is evidence that talent is being developed in the system. It is true that the smaller guys won't find a home in the NHL, but they could be good KHL players. Every good skater and stickhandler on the ice upgrades the quality of play, which the KHL certainly needs. My interest is more on KHL development than producing exports to the NHL.

The "blatnie" issue will make a huge difference as to whether the MHL/KHL really progresses or not. If it is allowed to go unchecked, the KHL will die. If the KHL are interested in survival and the growth that they keep talking about, they need to get rid of player selection in the MHL based on friendship or connections, instead of quality of play. I don't know if they will make the right decisions or not, but if they don't, their investments are down the toilet.

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