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06-22-2011, 11:32 AM
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Yes, there are a tonne of hypocritical rascist idiots who jump on PK for little to no reasoning.
I gave Don Cherry a 'bit of benefit' at the Pacioretty incident. I flat out said, if he would have come on board, and said it how it actually is...
He down played it, blamed it on Montreal (surprise, surprise)

Yes, the boards were at play... But the donkey led the cart Don...
That's what I screamed at my television when he was talking lol

Look, all throughout NHL history, we're the Champs. NO ONE wants to see us back there anymore. It's like the Yankees, little kids are born to learn to a) HATE the Canadiens, or b) LOVE them unconditionally. People see good players on our team, they gotta slag them, or bring them down. Because it's a way to return to former glory, that no one wants us to have.

They will tell you about the Quebec rule. KNOWING that there has never been a case where it was used to benefit Montreal.
They will argue case in point about having so many quebec stars, when it was the figure heads of these other teams that have always said we French men are too soft, too 'euro' to be any good.
Keep in mind, Maurice Richard could have been had for a SONG right before breaking out, and not ONE GM wanted to do anything about it.

Watch The Rocket... as horrible as things could be... The more things change, it's astounding how much actually stays the exact same.

PK Subban has thicker skin than to let some small donkey try and throw his game off.
Furthermore, Subban destroyed Marchand in that one hit... I am sure Marchand does not like PK very much to begin with, and it made him a relative target to had nasty crap thrown his way.

At the end of the day... PK is an amazing up and coming defenceman not only for Montreal, but for the NHL in general.
He will IMO ensure that those words will become embarrassing for those who said it.

It is quite CLEAR to me, the only thing people are jealous at him for, is his zest to play EVERY second of EVERY game. He LOVES playing hockey. It will definately rub off anti-hab fans the wrong way, because they see a GREAT player making his stamp on the league at such a young age, bodes well for PK Subban...

If Subban wanted to tell Cherry anything (which I dont think he does, cause Cherry is a joke anyways) it would be this...
'I may be a 21 year old coming off my rookie season... But I already have broken the amount of NHL games YOU played by about 80 times by now... I am more experienced, therefore more of a PROFESSIONAL than you ever even dreamed to be, oh ya... and tell your buddy Marchand to keep his head up. Or he'll get another one of these. We ALL know he doesnt want that.'


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