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06-22-2011, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Plekamaniac View Post
I know exactly what hototogisu and bcv were saying.

You were simply playing with your words to make a point.
See, again, you only state your conclusion, and bring NOTHING to prove it, you're just repeating something you read further from BCV. I showed an example of something that was thought impossible, to show that other situations that people feel are impossible, are still possible because they lie on the choices of the GMs and owners, not our perception, and in factuality still remain possible as an event, as undesirable as it can be.

You are an extremely arrogant individual. You will spin your words and say anything to make a point. You ALWAYS have to be right. In fact, you most likely believe that you are never wrong, it is always someone else. In this case, it is hototogisu and bcv.

I am not going to get in an argument with you over this though.

We can agree to disagree.
Actually, I love being wrong, because it's one step closer to a better understanding. That's how science works. You get false results to get closer to a true result, and this applies to any method of analysis. If you ask people, I've often admitted that I was wrong, but for people like you, it's easier to right off the bat assume a fault on me, instead of debating the facts, because it's just easier this way, and you know what they say about the easy road.

You should take your own advice and look in the mirror, because you seriously lack any scientific method to your logical processes, and instead of seeing something you can upgrade of your own volition, you rather remain in the same mode, and still assume things about me, instead of doing some introspection.

Y'know, I used to be like a lot of people here, jump to conclusions, assume stuff (hey, I still do it from time to time, we all do), but the reason why many others and I have become better at analyzing this stuff, is by introspection, because that's how you realize your errors and find the true logical explanations (after the factm cause it's often related to probabilities) to upgrade the process you used to analyze something.

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