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06-22-2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Plekamaniac View Post
If PG can move Spacek...he should be given the keys to the city.
Totally agree lol
I think it's funny to think that some feel it's thinking 'outside the box', to solve the issue (of the Spacek albatross)

But the failure to look at the facts:
A FA market that's just about to open up... Offering a heck of a lot of BETTER defencemen, and options than Space...
A disgusting 1 year contract, that they are stuck with for the entire year.. Eating about 4 million bucks.
The Vertigo condition...

People can even bring up Injuries, and how Spacek would look better then... It essentially isnt until February that Spacek would be an option (a very good one at that point) to help another club out.

Im all for it, if it can be done... The odds ARE against it though.

I was for Keeping Hamrlik over Gill even however. To me, he played WELL over his head last year, and though many dispute it... HE was one of the main reasons we were competitive at all after Markov went down. We consistently have asked him to do more for us when Markov went down, and he consistently has responded well.

But it is going to be very hard to trade off Spacek in this time of the year. NOT impossible, but very unlikely.

It's not to say Gauthier can't think out of the box... I just hope he has something we dont know already in the works... Because getting all this rather high-priced back end low line help, is only going to sand-bag us down come February.

The reason why it's so important to keep ONE spot open, is that Yemelin bails if he doesn't make the team IMMEDIATELY. One mention of the word 'AHL' will send him on the next flight to the KHL. It's stipulated in his contract.

But Hamrlik did deserve SOME respect from the Habs. He has been a model citizen since he came over from Calgary.

Maybe Spacek is having a hard time with the Vertigo, is expected on the LTIR (or likely will be) and therefore, Hamrlik signing would make more sense (Because a good chunk of the season would be played... Injuries far more likely at that point).

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