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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Exactly, even 417 who I can only assume is black and was saying it comes down to ignorance and not necessarily racism. He basically said it comes down to race in the end. Is it ignorance? Sure it is, all forms of prejudice are based on ignorance in the first place. It doesn't make it not racism, it might be more-so subconscious racism but it's still racism.

I'm not saying every person who hates PK is saying "n-word this, PK is an n-word that, I'm in the KKK and burn crosses" but obviously a minority of people may be pretty close in that regard and a decent sized minority at the very least are subconsciously racist.

I don't believe there is anyway to excuse the comparisons being made here between white players who act like PK and PK who acts like PK

It's like this movie I saw "My Name is Khan". It's about this guy who has a disorder that makes him unable to perceive emotions properly. In the beginning the mother draws him a picture of a himself with a person standing there with a knife to his chest (stick figures)

Below it she draws the same picture only now the person is giving him a lollipop. They are stick figures that look identical. The mother asks the son what is the differences between the two people? The boy answers "nothing, they are the same". The mother tells him "that's right they are the same, there is only good and bad people in this world. These are the only two types of people that exist" explaining that it doesn't matter if the person is Muslim or Hindu, both are capable of being good or bad people.

A similar thing applies to this scenario. Both people (Marchand and Subban) are known for the stuff they're known for. Only one receives the type of prejudice he gets and it's Subban. Subban is not given the benefit of the doubt like Marchand and other players are. When he accidentally cut Jordan Staals foot people were saying he did it on purpose. I guarantee if that happened with another player people wouldn't be saying that. Heck when Chara hit Pacioretty the entire league outside of habs fans were giving him the benefit of the doubt. Nobody gave Subban the benefit of the doubt with Staal, and I don't even think Jordan Staal himself believes PK did that on purpose.

In the end it's ignorance at the root of it but it all boils down to a form of prejudice. Marchand and Subban are both the same they just play for different teams, it's only because one is a visible minority that he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure many people aren't intentionally being racist but they have their preconceived notions about black people in general and it won't allow them to think without bias.

Agree with this completely. Sure everyone has racial bias whether it's in favor or against. But what I wonder is how you feel this isn't a form of racism. It's one thing to not like a player, it's an entirely other thing to not like a player because you nit pick every little thing he does as a result of being black. Like I mentioned with the Staal comparison to the Pacioretty injury, it was what Subban's 10th NHL game (mostly playoffs) and people were already willing to just assume he did it on purpose With Chara a guy who has done stuff like this in the past but always escaped suspension, people were more than willing to use excuses like "it's a one time thing" or "he's never been suspended before" but where was all the support for Subban outside of the habs side of things? People automatically assume this rookie who has no history of being a dirty player purposely injured Staal. I find that to be very pathetic.

Fixed the youtube video and just wanted to let you know I lol'd big time at that line

PS: Sure looked like he was "hiding" there after the hit

Yeah he sure needed the big bad "Picard" to fight his battle for him

Bruins players using the "hold back" method of trying to make themselves look bad ass. "I was gonna drop them with PK but Picard held me back!"
Thanks for the fix lol

At the end of the day that's what I LOVE about PK though.

People hate him because he's a rookie who owns everything he does. Someone on the ice doesn't like how he plays? Well that's too damn bad. Go cry to the 'Don'... Cause we know that his 'pink-o' ties, and flower patterned suits will sop up some of those tears.
He might send you the dry cleaning bill though. Dinosaurs are usually a 'little' crotchety about their money

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