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06-22-2011, 02:28 PM
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While Emery's dedication to hockey is unquestionably admirable because he fought his condition to come back and play, I think Lappy's dedication is even more impressive.

The difference is that Lappy laid his face and potentially life on the line in an attempt to help his team win by blocking shots and being gritty. That's how he's made his entire career in this sport: by giving up everything for the game.

Yes, Emery looked at the possibility of never walking again and rejected it to come back and play for Anaheim (due to Hiller's injury). That takes dedication. But it was just a freak degenerative injury that he battled through.

Lappy made the decision to expose himself to this injury that may well be with him forever in the name of the game, and has continued being dedicated to hockey by being a good teammate and doing work for the team as a whole. How anyone can write him off just because he hasn't been able to come back from the injury is beyond me. That's not what the award is for.

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