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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Exactly - like I had mentioned in another post the people acting like racism no longer exists or that PK isn't having these issues partly in part due to race are either...

A) Sheltered their entire life and have no knowledge of the real world.
B) Extremely Naive
C) Racists themselves and just can't accept/admit it, so they'd rather just say "oh I don't like PK cause of the way he acts" meanwhile they have a white player on their team who acts worse.

Also regarding the Frenchie thing, what about all the people just around here who hate on AK but when you ask them why they give ******** reasons. Some of them may just be puppets of the media and friends, some of it is based on prejudice against Russians and Euros. Also outside of HF (the bubble some people apparently live in) I see/hear this anti-Euro garbage from people all the time. Just because on HF we have awesome mods who do a great job doesn't mean there aren't those who hate for that reason. Truth is if AK was name Jean-Guy Chabot and put up similar numbers at the same pace he wouldn't be "inconsistent" anymore, he'd be a "solid top 9 player" because everyone knows non-1st liners who put up 40-50 points generally are streaky or else they'd be 80pt guys.

I don't know what basement a lot of people around here have been locked in or what home schooling they did their entire life to avoid racism entirely to the point of being ignorant to its existence.

It's people that pretend racism doesn't exist who allow it to grow and allow the cycle to repeat itself. As the saying goes history repeats itself. If you don't teach people about racism and how it actually exists obviously they're going to have a smug attitude about it and say things like "look at Iginla" as a response.

I just wonder how many of you grew up in upper middle class families in an almost purely white unilingual(?) community and were home schooled and sheltered to the point where you never witnessed racism in your life or believe it doesn't exist. The way I see it some people need to wake up. Being from Quebec you should be all too familiar forms of prejudice being that there are language issues. It isn't that racism doesn't exist it's just that we've become such a PC culture that even discussing it is considered faux pas. That's absolutely ridiculous imo and it just goes to show the affect it's having on us as a society when I witness racism all the time but we have people on here pretending like it doesn't even exist. Come on now open up your eyes.

Also just wanted to show you what I meant:

meh, it's hard to judge IMO, and although I don't think I'm like that, in my time it was somewhat easy to have prejudice as there was ONE black guy/girl in my school, no one from arabic descent, no asian (or sometimes one or two)... they were REALLY a minority, everything they could do would stand out as 99% of the students were acting one way (so to speak) while the other 1% was acting another way...

Not saying it's right, but I get why 40/50+ people could see other "races" the way they do...

Where I have a harder time understanding is for the younger ones. I mean, there's 3 Arabs, 2 Chinese, 4 black (wherever theyre from), 5 hispanic, etc in your class... how can you not be used to it after a few years ?

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