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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Look, seriously, do not bet your mom on it.

If you are old enough, just think of like Gretzky and Brett Hull's short stint together. They did not work well together at all.
Brett Hull had no problems playing with a plethora of other elite playmaking centers. Need I name names? The 3 months he played with Gretzky, I don't think that proves anything.

Both Richards and Gabby thrive by being "the man" in lack of better words on their line. Like two kids in Eriksson and Neal, who are good players, are the perfect fit for someone like BR. He needs to be able to play the game his way and his way only. And it aint anything wrong with his way, so thats not a problem.
There's absolutely nothing to suggest that his game is not a match for Gaborik's game. It's quite the opposite. All of the evidence shows that they are a great fit for one another.

But think of Nylander and Jagr who really worked extremely well together, while Gomez and JJ worked extremely bad. Of course Nyls was not a lot better player then Gomez, the difference was that Nyls was 250% prepaired to be Jaromir Jagrs biatch. He was prepaired to be it 60/24/7/365. He was prepaired to let the plastic surgeon put him to sleep while giving JJ carte blanche in terms of what surgerys that were to be made. You get the point.
You just defeated your own argument, Ola. Gomez is an incredibly selfish shotwhore, and one of the worst decision makers in the league. Of course, he didn't work with Jagr. In case you haven't noticed, he hardly works with anyone. That's because he's a horrible player.

Richards is hardly selfish, and he's one of the league's best decision makers. Gaborik is not Jagr, either. Completely different players with completely different skillsets. Jagr does everything well offensively. Gaborik does one thing well, and one thing only. These examples have little to do with one another.

JJ could be the man, and he had a talented player in Nyls doing everything and anything he wanted. Gomez understood that JJ was the man alright, but he wouldn't be his *****.
Why are you comparing Richards to Gomez? Aside from the fact that Richards turns the puck over a little bit too often (as opposed to Gomez, who turns the puck over WAY too often), Richards is the antithesis of Gomez. He is everything Gomez isn't. Smart, patient and trustworthy.

In order for a player like Gabby to score 40-45 goals, you need to let him try his shots all the time, you need to try to find him all the time et c.

A player like Richards needs to -- all the time -- be in control of where the puck should be distributed on the ice. BR's strength is doing a lot with little so to speak. He is the type who with his timing more then anything get like 10% extra out of a low percentage play if you get what I mean.
In order for a player like Gaborik to score 40-45 goals, he needs TIME and SPACE. What good is taking a lot of shots if they aren't high quality scoring chances? He needs to be fed the puck in a moment and a place where he has just enough time to compose himself and snipe the puck without being bothered by defenders. Richards, and no one else on the team, can do that for him. Why you believe this will be a problem for Richards, I don't know. The idea that Richards controlling the play, which you are right, he does, is somehow bad is dead wrong. The last thing Gaborik needs is to be holding on to the puck. He NEEDS someone like Richards to do all the puckhandling, and then to find him when the defense is running around and out of position.

Natrually Richards has the abilities that would help Gabby and Gabby could finnish BR's passes. But I would not at all be suprised if we saw the two on different lines before we know it 5 on 5.
And if that happened, you can count the number of games on your hands before they'd be put back together for another go 'round.

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