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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
Girl dilema here...lets see you guys take on this..
Ok, so there are these 2 girls..both are sisters. One is 22 (my age) and the other is 20. The 22 year old via her brother(who im very close with) is into me but I'm not attracted to her. I'm attracted to her younger sister -- the 20 year old. Now im trying to see how I go about's a weird one for me never ran into a 2 sister scenario where one likes me and the other I don't know...however at the BBQ the other day the younger sister was the one conversing with me all day and not the older one who is rumored to like me..

so --- what's you take on this..a few people told me to talk to the brother I'm curious what my buddies on HF would do.
The younger one might be on a recon mission for the older one so if you were to go with the younger one, the older may feel betrayed creating some serious sister drama that will generally make for a bad situation to be in the middle of.

If they are a close family, they will choose each other over you. I would clearly turn down the older one before you approach the younger one. I would even wait a bit (as in don't be like "sorry don't like you, hey, have you seen your sister? i think she's hot!) If she doesn't know you know (which she knows if her brother was your original source) you could risk that card.

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