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Originally Posted by PresidentCamacho View Post
I wasn't making a top-13 list.

Interesting though, you are in accordance with my feeling on Richards which is that he isn't in the, we'll say, "elite" category. If he is playing "very good" hockey right now, what will he playing in five years? What do we offer him? I think Philly is playing a very dangerous game with a high cap hit like that for such a term, and it's clear that the rumored deal is not what we will be seeing.

I have no issue surrendering a higher cap hit in order to reduce long-term risk. I don't see a problem with a $7-8 million dollar cap hit if we can reduce term to 5-6 years.
Haha well I meant you can add those guys into that group you had ahead of Richards comfortably, further showing that he's outside the top 10.

I completely agree with you on this one. I would much rather see a 5 year 50 million dollar deal then an 8 year 65 million dollar deal. While both are overpayments the one that hampers the cap for the shortest amount of time is a better option.

I don't think Brad Richards is "elite" by any means, but he is almost a lock to be an all-star year in and year out. That makes him a star. And I would say that he would be the #1 C on 50% of NHL teams, which is enough to consider him a #1 C on a playoff team. The way UFA goes these days, you're overpaying no matter who you go after. You just have to overpay the "least" if you know what I mean.

I think Philly put themselves in handcuffs when they traded for Bryzgalov's rights. Holmgren is facing a ton of pressure to get him locked up because of it. Bryz and his agent have the Flyers right where they want them. I don't doubt that Bryzgalov could get a 6.5-7 million dollar cap hit on the open market. A team who is desperate for a goalie Philly/Tampa/Washington/Colorado would force the price up for him in a bidding war. Richards will likely go the same way. When push comes to shove it'll be interesting to see if Burke succumbs to the pressure to pull a number 1 C and blows his brains out on a Richards contract. Or keeps his head and waits for a better opportunity.

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