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06-22-2011, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by gobosox00 View Post
Just got back from our 1:30 time slot. We didn't think we were going to move because we liked our middle of the row seats in 311 row 8 but we were able to talk to one of the girls coming up to tag seats and she had 311 row 7. Normally I wouldn't be all that psyched about moving up one row but I've noticed the difference between row 7 and row 8 is huge considering the row size.

We saw pairs in 310 row 8 on aisle, 305 row 11 aisle, four in 313 row 12 or 13, a few pairs in low rows where they shoot only once (324 and 325), a pair in 301 row 8, a pair in 327 row 3 and a few more scattered pairs and singles. Nothing in balcony row 1 anywhere and surprisingly not many loge at all. But there are definitely some good cheap seats there that people before us must have moved from. Good luck to all of you going tonight!
what seat #s did you end up with?

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