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Originally Posted by PresidentCamacho View Post
I think you actually have to watch Brad Richards play before you draw conclusions on his defensive acumen based solely on plus/minus.

For example, anyone who has watched the Dallas Stars know that Brad Richards played the majority of his time with James Neal and Loui Eriksson on his wing. Who was the worst defensively on that line?

You also did not answer the question.
I've seen him play a ton. From Tbay to Dallas.

He is FAR from a liability. He skates well, will play the body when necessary, and uses his stick well.

No he's not a guy you're gonna send out with your #1 Pk unit, he's not a shot blocker, or excellent on the defensive side down low. But like I said those guys are extremely rare. There are perhaps 10 of them in the league. Even 50 goal scoring Steven Stamkos doesn't PK. Because he isn't a good Pker does that mean you don't want him on your team? Of course Stamkos pots 50 a year so he doesnt compare to BRichards but still, not every #1 C can be an amazing two-way guy.

Like I said we have to take what we can get. Those Datsyuk, Staal, Getzlaf, Toews, Crosby type players arent readily available on the market. So when you dont have an internal incumbent you have to take what you can get. And like I said there are far worse #1 C's we could acquire then Brad Richards.

Answering your question theres too many unknown factors. Do you take a 60 point guy whose +10 over the 70 point guy whose +1? Probably not. Do you take the 65 point +25 guy over the 75 point -15 guy? Yeah you probably would.

It all really depends on what your team needs are, and how you can fit pieces together. Brad Richards worked well in Dallas alongside Louie and sometimes Neal because you can bolster a line with defensive prowess.

Putting Richards and Kessel beside a good defensive winger would be beneficial to both of them. Just like in Chicago, Toews lets you put Kane out on the ice so much even though he's only average defensively.

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