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06-22-2011, 03:48 PM
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Chipchura is all of 6'2 and 200 lbs,
Leblanc 6'0 178
& Qualler is a 6'4 200 lb RW'er.

None of those guys were ever drafted as the 'answer' for a big center. Chipchura was drafted as a guy who could become a key third liner, with some upside.
Leblanc was drafted as a talented finesse center, who puts a game face on night in/out.
Qualler, a big RW'er drafted in the third round.

Honestly, the answer is they haven't. There hasnt been a big oversized center to develop in YEARS (going back at least 10 years).
Nobody is drafted as an "answer" to anything, unless it's a top bluechip, which we did not draft in the last decade (aside from Price). You pick a player who has some characteristics you like, other you hope he will develop, and then you hope for the best. You don't know if you were right or wrong only years after.

Yes the trend has been going upwards, we are getting very talented, but size & Canadiens are still a big issue, and I for one think if they admitted that this is an issue.
Why don't you assume they haven't? Because they didn't make a press conference about it?

It's like a timestamp for parking. You get validated but only for a while. They go about their business, like the problem doesn't exist, yet it's a problem that has been around from day 1 of their administration (Back when Savvy and Timmins were brought in to place, replacing Reggie Houle).
Why you say that "they go about their business, like the problem doesn't exist"? What about Eller, why do you think they went to get him?
Without claiming the ownership on the problem (by never saying it is a problem) Nobody questions them on it. Yes it's great for job security. But on ice performance suffers.
Why do you assume that "claiming ownership" on something means talking about it with the public? What would be the point, except create even more expectations for a rabid fanbase?

I understood what you were saying about the fans mistakenly thinking he has this... But I think if the shoe fits, you gotta wear it. If the same problem arises, over 12 years... and they try addressing it in every other way but that one (Including firing 3 of the final 4 coaches for one) I would say it is EXACTLY the Fundamental Attribution Error flaw you describe.
If the same problem happens to different persons, managing different administrations, and with a different ownerships, then it means that its clearly not a personal problem, but an environmental one. If different peoples have the same behaviors giving the same environment, then it makes more sense to say that the environment is probably responsible for the behaviors, and not the persons themselves.
Whatever? The man had a point. He explained his reasoning, he said the results on a long standing 'team' of individuals who are well looked after, tends to sway after the 7 year mark. They get lazy, distracted, or tired. The hiearchy of needs having been met, they dont go in to work with the same vigor as they once did. Typically, he's right too. A change of the brass, brings in fresh blood, and fresh ideas... Potentially good ones. Business outlooks can be effective when running a sports club, because that's exactly what it is... A business.
The man has a point, but it's irrelevant to the current situation. It's a rule of thumb, not something you can apply blindly. And Gauthier has been truly leading the habs for a little more than a year, not 7.

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