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06-22-2011, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
i want nothing to do with Hedman for MDZ and Girardi swap. Although Hedman has a great deal of potential i dont ever see him becoming who you and Lightning fans see him as. The kid is big but i have yet to really see him use his size on the defensive end. He isnt very good defensively and use his size to his advantage.. plus he is supposed to be this highly touted offensive dman and yet hasnt had a season with more than 20pts yet, even on an extredibly offensively talented team with a fantastic PP.

MDZ in his rookie year put up double the amount of pts that Hedman has in 2 years! But i would gladly take Hedman over MDZ, but when you add in Girardi i just cant help but sit here and think why? Girardi is MUCH better than Hedman in all aspects of the game right now. Plus there is NO reason to make a trade for another dman. If we are going to use our valuable trade assets it should be in an attempt to gain a top line FORWARD. I dont see why we need another dman with the lineup we have this year and the players coming up moving forward.
IMO, Hedman has subordinated his offensive game to be the dutiful solider and learn NHL level D. We agree he has the tools, and his tools are better than Girardi or MDZ. DG is not better at ALL aspects right now.

It's a fair point to say you prefer alternate use of assets for trade.
But you have to give to get, and we would need to give from ample D to do this.
Outside of possible interest by Bruins, getting lions share of Hedman for MDZ based on MDZ connection to Stamkos is smartest move of potentially likely options.

However, as I have emphasized and now repeated, the original premise, that TBL would need moves to = cash/cap for Stamkos etc is NOT correct. It was reasonable for me to think that initially, and I wasn't the first one to so speculate. But TBL has demonstrated already it will begin other movements of assets. So the point is moot.

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