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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
I can't take people seriously when they say Hamrlik was bad for us during his tenure. And that's not to say anything bad about posters who do believe that, but to me it's just like saying water is dry. It does not mesh with my experiences. He's been our best d-man the past 2 years with Markov out.

That's not to say I necessarily want him back. Going into the off-season I could see us retaining 2/3 of Hamrlik, Gill and Spacek with Spacek most likely taking up one of those slots due to circumstances. With Gill signed, I'd rather find a longer term solution for the hole Hamrlik leaves in this great crop of UFA d-men.

Now, if signing Hamrlik means moving Spacek and also signing a UFA d-man to be paired with Markov then I'd be ecstatic. I don't see that happening, but it'd be close to my ideal scenario.

Back to the subject of Hamrlik's abilities, here's a bold statement for you: Had he not been paired with Wisniewski I don't think people would be knocking down PG's door to re-sign the Wiz. There's a pattern in who gets paired with Hammer because he's a stabilizing force, and he helped Wisniewski's game much more than the other way around.

And because of that I'd love to see him paired with Subban in the future. I think that would do even more good for PK's career than being paired with Gill this past season.
Hamrlik is a GOOD player. Spacek is a GOOD player. Gill is a GOOD player.

All season long, those three played a GOOD defense. the NHL, if you do not have GREAT players, you fall short of the ultimate goal.

Good is the enemy of greatness.

Hamrlik is at his peak. Because of his age, he is playing as well as he can. He is beyond having a breakout superstar season. And he is playing a GOOD game.

On the other hand, Subban has not reached his potential. Neither has Wiz. There is tremendous upside to both of them. They are capable of elevating their game from GOOD to GREAT. And with that and if we also got rid of the GOOD players, Montreal could once again go from being a GOOD team to a GREAT team.

So, Hamrlik is not a bad DMan. He is actually a good DMan. Good enough to get us into the playoffs and lose in the first round.

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