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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
I find it entertaining that you pass off the most ridiculous statements as facts .. but only when its against a player you don't like. If the same statement holds true to a player you like, it's blasphemy, even though it's your statement! Love it.

Markov has brought no success to the team though. I don't see a Stanley Cup ring anywhere. I wonder if we can do a sign and trade for Ference. Maybe we can trade Plekanec for Pascal Dupuis too.

The money doesn't really matter so long as it's only a 1-year contract. I would prefer something lower, but if it's 1-year, it's not a big deal whatever it is. If Hamrlik is signed, we will be going forward with what I posted above.

Why not sign Pitkanen? There will be 29 other teams who are saying the same thing (well, probably 20). If we can lock up Hamrlik for a year while Diaz sticks it out in the AHL and Emelin/Weber develop a bit more, it's a nice stop gap. Same with Gill. It also gives us more money that will be freed up after this season - and more money to sign a good forward to complete our Top-9.
Pitkanen brings more offensive upside and a similar DEfensive game, but for close to double the money (his new contract vs Hammer's new -hopefully- reduced contract). If Hammer takes the right amount of money, we'd have enough to get Hammer cheap AND maybe Wiz.

The knee injuries these guys have had are fixable. The doctors said so. Wiz is coming off a bad knee too. But it's fixed and good as new.

Markov is gonna be a terror once he gets his stride back. Imagine all those months rehabbing? If PG plays this right, we have a real shot here to win.

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