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Originally Posted by SpeedyLazaro View Post
I scored on row 2 section 320... Walked up to the counter to check out and it dawned on "the netting"... I got cold feet and gave them back.. Then I went back up for a second look and realized the seats were directly at the bottom of he stairs. I don't want drunks falling, spilling, and hovering around the wife and I. And it was the family section.

Defensive end, family section, bottom of steps, looking through the netting... And finally, listening to my wife all season saying "why'd you switch... I liked it better over there... I can't stand the people barreling down the stairs"

Oh well... I like my section, my perfectly unobstructed view, and he people around me.

If it ain't broken don't fix it...
"Leaner Guy" here. Just wanted to ease your angst to tell you that you chose wisely. I sat in 320 row 2 a couple of years ago so here is my first hand thoughts.

1. Protective netting was not a problem.
2. Drunks barreling down the stairs. I never saw that but I don't go to all 40 games so it could have happened.
3. Here is the big one - Row 1 leaners blocked the goal net. Ugh, have I mentioned that I HATE leaners.

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