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Originally Posted by Vexxed14 View Post
To be honest, I don't expect Kemba to be more than a 6-man in the NBA. His style is suited to that off the bench, combo guard that is fairly common. NCAA success isn't all that significant in my opinion, since the game is so different in how it is played.

I like Kemba, I like what he brings but he wont be the answer for a starting PG long term. Although I think he could be a beast off the bench in the future
From what I seen on the video and keeping in mind the video is a collection of his good successful plays and does not include his failures(thanks for that btw). If I were to compare him with sayyyy Derozan I would say this as Derozan has become a good (not great..yet) scorer. So if he can compare favorably to Derozan than he will be a good and possibly real good player. First the good...I think he is quicker has a higher basketball IQ and is very confident. I think shooting the ball is a wash as far as I can tell. He appears to have better instincts and feel for the game. The bad... I don't think he jumps as well as Derozan and I don't think he is as atheletic but I don't think it will relegate him to the bench to be a super sub. Also he isn't very tall they say 6' 1" so not real short but can he shoot over top taller guards? I'm thinking he can as he appears to have lots of little moves to leave his defender flat footed and off guard also his quickness will keep the defender back a step to avoid being left standing as he slashes to the basket. And will he be able to guard his opposite number? With his quickness he should be able to cut them off and force them to shoot over top which they should be able to do relatively easy imo. Shooters may have to be good on the perimeter because he should be able to cut them off and prevent them from going to the basket for easy layups.

I have no idea how good of a true PG and thus a playmaker he will become as I haven't seen many assists just baskets. They say he was basically the only option on UCONN and so he played that way creating his own shot all the time. A big question mark in regards to making plays but there is little doubt about his scoring abilities though.

Personally I think if his shooting developes a little further (as it should) he should become a dynamic player as a 1 who shoots a lot and a leader on whatever team is fortunate enough to draft him.

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