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06-22-2011, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCup2012 View Post
It's amusing to see Varly getting a lot of slack from his supporters while Neuvy doesn't get the same benefit of the doubt.

"Varly's young, he can still LEARN to be a better technical goalie", while Neuvy "this is about as good as he gets". Funny seeing as both are the same age but Varly has 5 years exp as a pro, Neuvy 3 (and Jr hockey experience). I'm not so sure these guys are going to improve a whole lot more technically in their careers. Maybe Olie can have some impact on them both, but Prior has been here before. I don't see him offering a lot more.

Honestly I think some here, (and surprisingly some credible posters) are overly enamoured with Varly's flashiness. He's got the talent, no question. He just doesn't seem to have the durability. Without that durability he can't and won't be more than a tandem goalie his whole career.
Nevuy is getting plenty of support here, including your own post.

I happen to think Neuvy is so sound, that he cant get much better technically. There are not many flaws in his game. Varlys style is more intriguing to me.

We were just largely arguing his durability, on a boring ass summer day. I do miss midsommar partys with my swedish friends. But I dont mind admitting I am overly enamored with his game. He is the only goalie in about 13 years to win a playoff series mostly on his own. He gets lots of slack from me.

Sure you can say Neuvy stole that series from NY but I like Varly's pitch hit performance much more.

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