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06-22-2011, 08:44 PM
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It will be interesting what Directv defines as the Philly market. I live in NEPA. Danville. We're considered the NY Market for baseball, Mets and Yanks. I think Pittsburgh for hockey. Only game you get if you don't have Centre Ice is the Pens. We don't get any basketball(no biggie). I hope they change us to the Philly market. Because, I'm a Sox/Bruins fan. NESN is blacked out when we play the Yankees. Have to put up with Michael Kay. Only blacked out for Pens in Hockey. Not sure where Harrisburg would fall in the equation. I think Directv has this hodge podge of what's local because they didn't have CSN Philly. Once they get it, things could change. If you're a Flyers/Phillies/Sixers fan you want Directv to name Philly your local market. You wouldn't have to pay extra for CSN Philly. It's your regional sports channel. Curious what games you get living Harrisburg Fulton. For example, you don't get any games like Bruins/Rangers/Red Wings do you?

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