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06-22-2011, 09:17 PM
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I'm interested to see if anyone can relate to this....

I am pretty active with both Ice and Inline hockey year-round, I direct an inline league so i play pickup games twice a week and then 1 real game a week. Ice hockey has a more spread out schedule so I am only playing a game once a week, sometimes 2, so all and all I am playing hockey in some form 4-5 times a week. Anyway, over the past couple months (but also at other random times) I have started to notice that my legs and my energy level haven't felt the same as usual. i'm not as concerned with my energy level because it never stays dormant for long, as soon as I am put in a competitive situation i have more than enough energy. my legs are a different story though, I am noticing myself being really fatigued in the legs while i'm playing (and this is NOT after a game or late into a game) i'm talking sometimes before the game starts. I am not young, but i'm certainly not old.... I stretch before every game, and like i said i play hockey so routinely that my fatigue is not caused because i'm using rarely used muscles. I always battle though the fatigue, it isn't debilitating by any means, but it does concern me because I dont know what it causing it. i'd be lying if i said it doesnt affect my play sometimes, i am finding myself not going hard after loose pucks as much, i'm taking much shorter shifts, and my aggressiveness overall is suffering.

If it helps explain why this is happening, I am 6'0" 220lbs. I am not in bad shape by any means but i could be in better shape (who couldn't be). I'm a forward, right handed shot, I am certainly not a novice skater/player (i've been playing competitive inline since i was 11, competitive ice for like 5 years. I did have lyme disease which spread to both my knee joints causing what they call "lyme arthritis", but my knees have never bothered me (not even as a baseball catcher from little league all the way till college). I'm also on my feet most of the day at work.

Sorry for the rant and what might appear to be useless information, but when you ask for help/suggestions it usually helps to cover all your basis.

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