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06-22-2011, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
This stuff ramped up after Bergeron was bitten and Horton was cheapshotted. This team really wanted to beat the Canucks badly and let them know it when we did. I have no problem with Marchand wiping his hands clean skating by the cocky Canucks bench.

Who went anywhere and who was embarassed, not I.

What is embarassing is the lack of respect for the game showboating and diving like the Sedins did instead of playing hockey shows. PK is guilty of that at times but doesn't chicken out least. I remember in the playoffs Horton dropped his gloves to fight him and he responded but the linesmen broke it up before it got going.

Subban has so much talent he really doesn't need to showboat, it makes him look childish like a teen in a highschool hockey game. This is the NHL son show the game some respect. It was funny how he showboated on a couple of plays against Boston and then made a bad defensive play to allow a 2 on 1 and after the showboating drew more attention to himself with his mistake because of it.

These youngsters like to show off and it is unfortunate, in the old days he got his ass kicked and it was the last time they did it because someone on their team told them to cut the crap because it embarasses the game.

Oh don't worry we understand how Bruin fans react completely unbiased all the time, for sure.

I mean hell, Seidenberg scores a goal and proceeds to give the entire Montreal crowd the finger after but that's just funny right.
PK scores the goal that ties up game 7 with mere minutes left on the clock and his much, much less offensive "can you hear it" motion is criminal.

Don't you worry, we understand completely

...and Marchand...what he did towards the Toronto bench near the end of the season was more ridiculous than anything PK did all season period!
PK is exuberant and excitable, Marchand is just an idiot! Not saying I wouldn't want Marchand on my team but he's still an idiot.

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