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06-22-2011, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
This stuff ramped up after Bergeron was bitten and Horton was cheapshotted. This team really wanted to beat the Canucks badly and let them know it when we did. I have no problem with Marchand wiping his hands clean skating by the cocky Canucks bench.

Who went anywhere and who was embarassed, not I.

What is embarassing is the lack of respect for the game showboating and diving like the Sedins did instead of playing hockey shows. PK is guilty of that at times but doesn't chicken out least. I remember in the playoffs Horton dropped his gloves to fight him and he responded but the linesmen broke it up before it got going.

Subban has so much talent he really doesn't need to showboat, it makes him look childish like a teen in a highschool hockey game. This is the NHL son show the game some respect. It was funny how he showboated on a couple of plays against Boston and then made a bad defensive play to allow a 2 on 1 and after the showboating drew more attention to himself with his mistake because of it.

These youngsters like to show off and it is unfortunate, in the old days he got his ass kicked and it was the last time they did it because someone on their team told them to cut the crap because it embarasses the game.
Honestly, I respect your opinion and I understand why you think like this, but to me it's flawed. Basically, in your second paragraph, what you say is this:

Talent = shouldn't showboat.

To this I respond:

Talent = deserves to showboat.

When scrubs showboat everybody laughs at it because they're jokes (see Jarkko Ruutu). But I don't see what's the problem with being somewhat exuberant when you're the talented guy scoring the big goals; they're the ones that deserve to showboat more than anybody else. Whether showboating is respectful or not is up to each and all of us as independent thinkers - well, most of us lol.

The problem with your post is that you're referring to the old days. Hockey has a lot of older, thick-skinned fans that lived to see hockey in a different state than it is now. What was acceptable back in the days isn't necessarily what was the best for the game. Corrections have been made, different problems have stemmed from those corrections (instigator rule, less roughness in general due to the upped tempo of the game = more cheap shots). The game is still not perfect today but I'm inclined to say that the hockey since the lockout has been spectacular in terms of overall play.

With this modern era comes extra attention and reaction to the great players in hockey. Some will stay outside the spotlights the most possible but some will also embrace it. Those players realize that when they showboat a bit, the crowd goes crazy and it pumps them up ever more, so why not do it? You can talk about showing respect, but what about showing victory, domination, effort? Your team did it very well in the playoffs this year.

P.K. shows great confidence, poise and he's very comfortable dealing with everything hockey-related. He is who he is and I don't see what harm he does to the game by being himself. Other players have showboated (Selanne shoots his glove - rookie year) and people didn't make a big fuss about it. It wasn't disrespect, it was passion, desire. Why is Subban different?

Oh wait, he's black.

Not saying you're racist, but it's hard not to see it in a lot of what people are saying about Subban.

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