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06-22-2011, 10:36 PM
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Max is a non-factor omfg rofl

In terms of importance, I may run into some differences of opinion and that's fine but roughly something like this dude:

Price (#1g Yes, having a good goalie on the back end means everything)
Markov (#1D superstar)
Subban (#1D budding superstar)
Plekanec (#1b center who is solid 2ways)
Cammalleri (#1b sniper who has potential to be a #1a)
Gionta (#2a captain of our team and solid goal scorer)
Gorges (#2b solid defenseman with no real offense, guy every team has)
Pacioretty (#2b young potential star 30g scorer, could be a #2a or even #1b one day, are you out of your mind?)
Kostitsyn (#2b proven solid player improving still but streaky, #2a potential as well)
Gomez (#3a would be a great 3rd line center but needs to step up his game and return to #2a form, see Pacioretty for why that will happen)
Desharnais (#3b potential to be a #2b kind of center. No slouch and Pacioretty is ahead of him on the depth chart)
Eller (#3b potential to be a #1b imo, most will say #2a, this guy is behind Pacioretty on the depth chart)
Rest of our team (Behind Pacioretty on the depth chart)

Basing it mostly on last season and using common sense for Markov and Gorges, where in that line up do you see Max Pacioretty as a non-factor? Do you see Pouliots name on that list? No you see "rest of our team". Just saying, Pacioretty is in the upper level of our depth chart as it stands until proven otherwise. On pace for 28g in your rookie season, and no I don't consider whatever that other "season" was to be a real season. It was like Brad Marchand just too early to bring him up.

Originally Posted by xposbrad View Post
Half the league makes the playoffs, so half the league are contenders. Add that to the fringe playoff teams, and practically the whole league is contending for the cup. Are we a top team? No. Do we have stud prospects in our system that will turn this franchise around? No .. We just need Gomez' contract to end so we can hopefully just fill more holes we seem to have every year and fight for a playoff spot, and that will please the fans. The Montreal Canadiens are a business.
They won't be superstars but Tinordi, Leblanc, Kristo don't look bad at all for a few years down the road.

Palushaj imo looks to be a decent 3rd line winger, something we could potentially use if Pouliot doesn't pan out here. We already have cleaned the cupboard in Subban(#1d), White(good 4th liner) and Weber (#4 offensive D potential)

We aren't the best team in the league for prospects but we're a far cry from terrible. Plus we still have an upcoming draft have a little faith. We aren't as screwed as you try and make it sound our team is in a position to be a big contender if PG makes the right moves. That remains to be seen but I have faith. If anything Subban + Price will make this team worth watching for years to come even if the management does screw everything else up

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