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06-22-2011, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Vic Rattlehead View Post
I hate when people bring this up.

I was a huge fan of Subban when he played for team Canada at the World Juniors, but I've grow to dislike him (still think he's an awesome player and wish Boston had him), but that's just natural with the rivalry between Montreal and Boston. You'll find that people tend to dislike anyone wearing the opposing sweater.

Marchand and Subban are essentially the same...both love to get under the skin of the opposition and are extremely talented. Don't see what's wrong with either (I'm one of those who think Subban is one of the greatest trolls in the league, Mike Richards can cry all he wants for all I care).
Believe me, I hate to bring it up. The issue isn't with Bruins fans only and I didn't say that because the guy was a Bruins fans. I'm also not saying it's the sole reason Subban is hated because it's definitely not, but it's there. You can choose to ignore it if you want because you don't hate him for those reasons, but it's what differentiates him from the other brash, exuberant players in the league that receive nowhere near the amount of critic Subban does.

I think the overreactions about Subban have toned down a lot and that most people can appreciate the player, but you cannot ignore the racial stigma.

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